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Parkinson's is not a duel. By teaming up with specialists and your doctors, you can take certain actions against it, and live your best and most fulfilling life.

MDS Neurologist

Movement Disorder Specialist Neurologists (known as MDS Neurologists) specialize in movement disorders, and want the best for you. Speaking of the best, finding the best MDS for you may take some time, so it is important to start the search within your first month.

The Sideline

Just because your MDS or Neurologist is now serving as your starting quarterback doesn't mean you should sideline your primary care physician. Your primary care physician is vital because he/she knows you best, and having him/her on your care team will make the journey easier.

For A Reason

Take your medications! As a Parkie, it is your duty to take on this disease, and medications play a big part in that. They help level out your symptoms so the other important tricks like diet, exercise, etc. can help finish them off. Be prepared for medications to change during your journey.

Other Specialists

As your condition changes, you may need to bring in other specialized players such as Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapists, and Social Worker. A Speech Therapist, for example, will help you strengthen muscles to recapture your speech volume and enable you to swallow to avoid choking.

Let's Get Physical

Get your heart rate up! Classes like Rock Steady Boxing, spin, dance, yoga and other exercises are great and available specifically for Parkies. One of the best players you can have on your exercise team is a personal trainer, who can help guide you and push you every step of the way.


Where Is Your Mind?

You may experience depression, anxiety or other types of mood disturbances. This is  normal. Reports show that up to 50% of Parkinson's patients experience these symptoms and feelings at some point in their diagnosis. A Psychologist can help you keep a level mind.

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