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During COVID, all of these organizations offer online programs. As things open up, some organizations also offer in-person programs and may eliminate some online programs.

American Parkinson Disease Association
Providing support, education, and research that will help those impacted by PD live life to the fullest. (national)
Filterable educational events, exercise classes, and support groups
Brian Grant Foundation
People with Parkinson’s living inspired lives. (worldwide)
Educational events
Exercise class finder
Dance for PD
A non-profit organization that provides multiple exercise, dance, and singing classes in 300 communities in 25 countries. (worldwide)
Upcoming week's classes
Davis Phinney Foundation
Helping People with Parkinson’s live well today. (worldwide)
Upcoming and recorded webinars
YOPD webinars
YOPD women
Health disparities and PD
Care Partner Monthly Meetup with Connie Phinney
Virtual Victory Summits
Ending Parkinson's Disease: The book
Parkinson’s disease is the fastest growing brain disorder in the world. Let’s end it. (worldwide)
Authors' webcasts
Houston Area Parkinson Society
We see a world in which all affected by Parkinson’s have the hope, confidence, and support needed to live life to its fullest. (Houston, TX)
Calendar, color-coded for educational, exercise, support, and enrichment events
Michael J. Fox Foundation
We’re problem-solvers and we’re optimistic. (worldwide)
Upcoming and past webinars
Michigan Parkinson Foundation
Providing services and resources to enhance the quality of life for people with Parkinson's and their families. (Michigan)
Calendar with color-coded educational events, exercise, and support group programs
Area support groups
Care partner support groups
Educational programs and past videos
Virtual and local exercise programs
Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson's
A better approach to Parkinson’s. (Sarasota, FL)
Calendar of educational events, exercise classes, and support groups
Northwest Parkinson's Organization
No one should walk the Parkinson's journey alone. (Northwest U.S.)
Events, sortable by area
Parkinson Canada
Doing what it takes to offer hope, help, and support for every life touched by Parkinson's. (Canada)
Educational events, exercise classes, and support groups, searchable by area
Parkinson Social Network
Advocate, support, and enrich the lives of those touched by Parkinson's Disease. (Virginia)
Newsletter of upcoming support group meetings
Parkinson's Foundation
Better Lives. Together. We have everything you need to live better with Parkinson’s. (worldwide)
Educational, exercise, and mindfulness programs, sortable by state and program type
Parkinson's Resource Organization
Working so no one is isolated because of Parkinson's. (California)
Calendar of support groups, village (sponsors speak) meetings
A local community forum where the physical and emotional needs of the Parkinson’s community can find active support and encouragement. (Marin County, CA)
Calendar of exercise classes, educational programs, and support groups
Pedaling for Parkinson's
Riding an indoor, stationary bicycle has been shown to reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms by as much as 35%. (national)
Online classes
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