Helping Hands

Local Resources

Use the menus below to find a local resource to help you in your battle against Parkinson's. You'll be surprised how close by all sorts of  help can be!

2 - Select a County         3 - Select a Network          4 - Select a Category


 How to find Local Resources

Managing Parkinson's requires a team, and now, you're not alone! Use this page to find potential teammates - specialists who can address your multi-faceted symptoms. Use four criteria to drill down to the resource that you are seeking: State, County, Network, and Category.

The state drop-down menu shows the states for which we have local resource information. When you select a state, the county menu will appear showing the counties for which we have information. Each subsequent menu will allow you to zero in on local resources.  Click here for a list of all Networks and Categories.

If you are a community Parkinson's organization and would like to add your area's Parkinson's  resources,  click here to begin this process.  There is no charge for you to list your community  resources here.

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