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You do not have to let this condition keep you down. Use this new aspect of your life to drive you to a better place and come through it stronger and more confident.


Yes, you’ll be supported by friends and family, and you’ll find comfort within the PD community, but you’ll be the one to say “yes, I WILL do it.” What motivates you? What do you love?  Tap into those unused resources as deeply as you can, because this is YOUR life to live.

Jot It Down

Parkinson's is different and unpredictable for each person. That’s why it’s called the “snowflake” condition. Keeping a daily journal of what you’re experiencing and how your symptoms are progressing or regressing, will help you and your doctor fine-tune your action plan.


Believing you are going to tame Parkinson’s symptoms is an incredibly important part of living well – or at least better -- with Parkinson’s. Trust in your personal strength and turn those small yardage gains into touchdowns. You may have Parkinson’s, but Parkinson’s doesn’t have you.


You may experience autonomic nervous system, psychological and/or neuromuscular disruptions along your journey. Set your mind to explore both traditional as well as non-traditional treatments, because what worked for one person may or may not work for you. Find what’s right for YOU.  It might take experimentation on your part.

Personal Support

Try to find someone to walk closely with you. That person(s) can help with such things as personal hygiene, reminders, a sounding board, transportation, personal connections, and providing challenges. A support system like this can provide stability  in  a   life  that feels so shaky sometimes and help propel you forward.

Grow Spiritually

Explore your life’s purpose – yes, even with PD your life has purpose. Consider it from traditional and non-traditional viewpoints. Look at where you have been and where you will go. It may be re-defining your love of life and other people. It may be going in a completely new direction, now that Parkinson’s is along for the ride.

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