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Socialization: About Us


One of the best ways to show Parkinson’s you’re above it is by talking back. A great way to engage in conversation about Parkinson’s is by going to support groups. Your voice is important, so let it be heard! Socialization allows you to discuss symptoms and treatment with others.

Friends & Family

Socialization can be as easy as turning to friends and family. You are not alone in your Parkinson's. Friends and family are still there for you. They’ll refer to you by that crazy nickname that you've always hated and can still laugh at all those inside jokes. No stronger “support” group exists.

Support Groups

Finding a support group virtually or in your area can be an easy way to socialize, interact with others and get educated. Support groups want to see you succeed, and people want to help one another. Fighting this condition together will just make you a stronger force and a healthier person.


If you deal with tremor or slurred speech, it’s likely that you don’t enjoy interacting with others. Don’t get stuck in that mindset. People aren’t discussing Parkinson’s as much as they could be. Get up, get out there, and start talking about PD in your community! Educate others.

Find Community

A great way to socialize is to find a PD community you are comfortable in and get together often. It might be via specialized classes or just new friends from a support group. Such gatherings can make you feel active, connected, and empowered in a strong and welcoming community.

Mental Health

Socializing with others can boost mood and well-being. Sharing your concerns with like-minded folk will allow you to see a larger picture. Research is clear: being engaged leads to better health. Whatever way you choose to socialize, make sure it is in a way that’s enjoyable for you!

Time to Tell

Tell your spouse or next of kin first – the person you care for most. Talk to them about being your care partner. Take the time you need to tell the rest of your friends and family that you have Parkinson’s. Your friends and family will want to help you navigate this journey, because now it’s their journey, too.

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