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Your entire life has revolved around planning. This is not a foreign concept to you, so when we say to plan for your PD, you’re going to take this challenge on with pride and confidence. Take out your planner and follow along, because here we go.

Team Planning

It is important to build a team of doctors and other health professionals, all working with you towards your goals. A care team is not designed by your doctors. It’s designed by you with input from your health professionals. You are the rock of your mighty team who keeps this group communicating effectively.

Daily Planning

Create an action plan. Treat fighting Parkinson's just like any other goal. Have a vision in mind, create a mission, define your objectives, craft a strategy, set a target, and work towards it. DO something every day to fight PD.  Keep moving -- even if it's a baby step -- every day to fight PD.

The Unexpected

Gathering all the information you possibly can in preparation for PD is the best sort of planning you can do. It's hard to understand what to expect, so researching terms, doctors, services, and other possible needs will ensure you're ready for whatever Parkinson's may throw at you.

Therapy at Home

Occupational therapy will help adapt your home to your new lifestyle. TV cords across the floor or a loose rug in the kitchen are genuine safety hazards. Learn how to fall safely. An occupational therapist can provide your house with the latest gear and tech to make it as safe as possible.


It’s not fun, but absolutely necessary to understand your basic coverage. Finding someone to help you dig through fine print and organize paperwork can help a ton! Research grants that might cover things your insurance does not. It's a simple statement but one that is very true: You need insurance.

Family Matters

Now is the time to start focusing on your legacy. Get busy with your will and advance directives that outline your personal, health care, spiritual, and emotional needs. Family needs to know that these documents are in order and where to find them. Not fun conversation subjects, but necessary.

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