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Team Meeting


Just as Parkinson's should not be handled alone, neither should the task of building and revising a website. It takes a dedicated network of individuals and groups for a project like this.  Read on to learn more about those involved.

The idea for and basics of this website began in the spring of 2016, as a USF Honors Class Project by Coby O’Brien’s advertising class at the School of Mass Communications, University of South Florida, Tampa.

Some elements were designed, researched and tested via grants under the direction of Dr. Janelle Applequist, (the now) Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications, USF, Tampa.

This website was created and put together as part of a Senior Capstone Project

during the spring of 2020 at Middle Georgia State University, Macon. 

The team used proven development and prototyping techniques

to collaboratively build an effective and user-friendly site.

The team who designed and built the basic website included:

  • Maggie Garrett

  • Cortez Harris

  • Kassidy Jacobs (Project Manager)

  • Richard Little

  • Ethan Taub

  • William Wiggins
    William Wiggins interned to make final updates and take the site live.

Dr. Scott Spangler, DSc, provided guidance and advice.

All drawn artwork is by Laura Crawford, who has Parkinson’s. The artwork is from her and Christine Sapienza’s book “C is for Caregiver” and from a memory game she created for Parkinson’s friends.

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