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Expand your knowledge of Parkinson's

MDS Podcast
The MDS Podcast was created with the goal of improving education in Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, while keeping MDS members, other neurologists, health professionals and neuroscientists updated with novel and clinically-relevant research findings. Each monthly episode highlights the results of an article published in the Society's journals, including an interview with one of the authors of the article selected.
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Michael J. Fox
Hear from scientists, doctors and people with Parkinson's on different aspects of life with the disease as well as research toward treatment breakthroughs. Listen through our site or subscribe in iTunes or through your smartphone podcast app.
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Parkinson's and Me Podcast
Parkinson’s and Me is a podcast that is dedicated to the discussion of the multifaceted condition. It begins with a man who was diagnosed with P.D. in his early forties.
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Parkinson's Life
A space where people with Parkinson’s can speak their minds.
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The Parkinson’s Podcast™
The Parkinson’s Podcast™ is produced by the Davis Phinney Foundation and covers topics ranging from Parkinson’s basics to how to talk to kids and families about Parkinson’s to new topics in the field like palliative care and much more.
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Trembling EMT: My Parkinson's Journey
This podcast is about Eric Aquino's early onset of Parkinson's Disease. It takes you on his journey through diagnosis, treatment and clinical trails. Parkinson's progresses differently in every person diagnosed. His goal is to shed light on one of many Parkinson's journeys and help start a conversation about the disease.
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When Life Gives You Parkinson's
Join me, Larry Gifford, as I share my personal journey into what it’s like to live and work with Parkinson’s disease as a 40-something husband and father with a career.
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