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Read about what's on MOPD's President's mind and other interesting Parkinson's viewpoints.

Journey with Parkinson's
Dr. Frank C. Church has been professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the School of Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill since 1986. He describes his blog as “Parkinson’s education, research advances, treatment strategies, and personal reflection” to provide support to anyone living with PD. He was diagnosed in 2014 at age 60.
Parking Suns - A Life with Parkinson's Disease
Bruce Ballard, an official blogger for several World Parkinson's Congresses, was diagnosed in 2012 at age 59. Having lived in/visited 26+ countries, he is now Professional Development Specialist at the Bronx (NY) Charter School for Better Learning, Ballard says his blog focuses on writing (including poetry), physical exercise, nutrition, art, music, humor, and research. He says he is enthusiastic about the positive role that “enriched environment” can play in the lives of people with PD and hopes his blog provides that.
Parkinson Secrets
Dr. Michael S. Okun, a world authority on PD, co-hosts a blog with Dr. Indu Subramanian with content from a rich variety of bloggers. They provide a forum for others “to inspire faith, plant the seed of hope, help patients to discover their core values, and to share ‘secrets’ that will improve lives…Hope leads to happiness, and happiness will lead to a meaningful life."
PD Wise: Sharing Stories and Wisdom
Allen Cole created PD WISE after he, at 48, and a friend were diagnosed with young-onset PD. It was created as a hub for sharing personal stories, experiences, and wisdom gained from living with Parkinson’s and aims to encourage these connections and opportunities for learning. Cole is senior associate dean and professor in The Steve Hicks School of Social Work at The University of Texas, Austin, and the author or editor of books on bereavement, anxiety, and spirituality.
Perky Parkie
One can’t help but laugh reading Allison Smith’s blog. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in her teens, colon cancer in her 20s, and PD at 32. “I am a medical anomaly, advocate for people, freakishly smart, believer of unicorns, self-proclaimed addict of frozen yogurt, secretly a ninja, and personally planning the assassination of Barbie...Oh and I have Parkinson's disease. If I could describe myself in one sentence, I wouldn't be blogging!” She is also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, personal trainer and life coach.
Twitchy Woman - My Adventures With Parkinson's Disease
Diagnosed in 2009, Sharon Krischner writes about her adventures with Parkinson's and tries to find ways of moving on and not be defeated by the disease. Daily exercise is a key component for her to live successfully with PD. A Californian, she encourages the exchange of ideas and solutions with others whose lives have been affected by Parkinson's.
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