Read about what's on MOPD's President's mind and other interesting Parkinson's viewpoints.

Shuffling Editor
MOPD President, Florida Newspaper Hall of Famer and medically trained reporter Gil Thelen writes about his humorous and stressful journey with Parkinson’s since 2014. He always confronts his malady with infinite symptoms straight-forwardly and urges every Parkie to stay upright, moving and NOT be a victim!
John Baumann
Corporate attorney, inspirational speaker, and author John Baumann writes about reinventing himself to uncover his true purpose after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2002 at age 41. He speaks openly and emotionally about how his life has been changed by Parkinson's.
Perky Parkie
One can’t help but laugh reading Allison Smith’s blog. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in her teens, colon cancer in her 20s, and PD at 32. “I am a medical anomaly, advocate for people, freakishly smart, believer of unicorns, self-proclaimed addict of frozen yogurt, secretly a ninja, and personally planning the assassination of Barbie...Oh and I have Parkinson's disease. If I could describe myself in one sentence, I wouldn't be blogging!” She is also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, personal trainer and life coach.
Journey with Parkinson's
Dr. Frank C. Church has been professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the School of Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill since 1986. He describes his blog as “Parkinson’s education, research advances, treatment strategies, and personal reflection” to provide support to anyone living with PD. He was diagnosed in 2014 at age 60.
Parkinson Secrets
Dr. Michael S. Okun, a world authority on PD, co-hosts a blog with Dr. Indu Subramanian with content from a rich variety of bloggers. They provide a forum for others “to inspire faith, plant the seed of hope, help patients to discover their core values, and to share ‘secrets’ that will improve lives…Hope leads to happiness, and happiness will lead to a meaningful life."

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